I am pleased to highlight my books here. It has been quite an interesting journey, one of millions of words, to get to this point. Fun and rewarding, yet very challenging. Not something I was prepared for when I started


Join me and my husband, along with our 2 great kids as we travel for a school year. Yes, you read that properly. We will be visiting new countries. Learning at least one new language. There will be airplanes, buses,


I like to consider myself a leading learner. As I figure something out, by learning myself, I like to pass that information on. Late in life, I finally figured out that I really love to learn new stuff, when I

Getting to know CW

The last .... almost 7 years of blogging, (yikes), have been a fantastic adventure. Join me for the next chapters. I think the best is yet to come. Surely the most fun!