So many books have helped me become the person I am. I continue to learn and grow from the books I read and the ones I write. (One so far, to be exact!) Fruitless at 40: Rediscovering My Creative Power


#creaspatreat – Join me in this creative journey. I am on a mission to start a global movement, focusing on the importance of creativity in our daily lives. Together, let us see where we can take this. I look forward


Courses, seminars, retreats or workshops – online or in real life, the options are endless! It is a fantastic new world for learning, meeting people, experiencing new ideas. There is no limit to what is being offered. Let your fingers

Getting to know CW

The last .... almost 7 years of blogging, (yikes), have been a fantastic adventure. Join me for the next chapters. I think the best is yet to come. Surely the most fun!