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A temperature and humidity level which is good for wine storage is also great for apples. They can keep for 3 to 4 months in the right conditions. So apples put into storage in early November can last well into February. The benefits from eating apples is a whole different post, but suffice to say a good storage system is a cost effective way to preserve the harvest.


Lovely colors in one of my current knitting projects. I have so many nice ones on the go, it is too difficult to stay focused on just one. Nor do I try. In fact, I have a new one on the way from a knitting club called Loops, which I just joined. Seriously.


Fall colors, arranged so nicely.

Leaves copy

You know, this is probably what classic to-do lists are best for. Because measuring yourself against an endless list of tasks is probably not the best way to live.


I welcome:


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