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If you self identify as a creative soul, but spend far more time attending to other activities and responsibilities on any given day, this place is for you. Or maybe your plate is already full, with a to-do list which is a mile long?

If you tend to put the needs of others, above your own and dream of having more time for yourself, this place is for you. No need to feel guilty, self-care is of utmost importance – for you can’t give what you don’t have.

You know that feeling of being in the creative zone? When time flies and you have been lost in the process of creating, isn’t that just the best? You got it, this place is for you.

Maybe you also long for simpler times. Back when devices at the dinner table didn’t rule the day. Before the constant deadline rush of a very full schedule. Take a deep breath in this place.

If you wish that the feeling of being on vacation could last into your regular life, take a look around, we have something here for you.

Being creative is a way of life.

As seen in the news everyday, many are falling victim to breakdowns, mid-life crisis, burn out, health issues and stress related lifestyle diseases. In this age, it seems that staying the same, can be dangerous. Learn the far reaching benefits of establishing a more regular creative practice or routine. This is where practicing creativity = stress reduction. Leading to better health and vitality, well-being and happiness. When your creative cup is full, there is so much more to give.

We appear to have a collective desire to be creative, maybe it resides deep in our soul. Have a gander at what was included in my survey comments about creativity:

  • Using my creativity is as important as breathing
  • The ability to take a different view on things in everyday life
  • …it is just a part of who I am and how I do things
  • …keeps me inspired, energized and alert
  • …woven into daily life, even into the practical necessities
  • …being in that wonderful creative flow is the best thing there is
  • Creativity is a way to stay in touch with your imagination
  • …form of therapy that helps me to stay centred and relaxed
  • It’s been almost literally a life-saver at various points in my life
  • You begin to understand your life’s purpose
  • …an expression of what gives you joy and drives your passion in life
  • Creativity is the courage to show up – no matter what
  • …keeps me bound to the present moment instead of constant reminiscence or anxiety about the future
  • …looking at things through a different lens
  • I believe creativity is like a muscle. Everyone has it; when exercised it strengthens one’s soul and spirit.
  • …every aspect of my life, everyday
  • I have come up with some very imaginative solutions to some pretty tough situations
  • That’s how I relax and recharge the batteries for coming challenges

Why is this a special place?

Step back in time, when life was just a bit more simple and kind. For a spell, embrace the old ways. The days when things were homespun, when we knew what a crafting circle was, when we looked out for each other. Rejoice in the act of being resourceful and trusting intuition, traits which have stood the test of time. Challenge the mantra where everything we need has to be bought new. Be a creative rebel. Join a network of support, building relationships and encouraging each other. Lean in to your creativity. You might just find the inspiration you need to happier and more fulfilled. Be a part of a social movement to reclaim creativity, which should be a birthright.

Who is CW anyway?

My name is Christine Westermark and I’m a recovering workaholic. I spent 25 years in the corporate world, climbing the ladder of success, as they define it. But, that goal never felt right to me. In 2010, I began a journey to see if I could improve my outlook on life and be happier.

I am a leading learner. I’ve been through the discovery process. I’ve tested, tried and experimented with many ideas. All with the aim to make me feel happier while not making any major changes to my life circumstances. I remained in my very full time corporate job which required a great deal of international travel. I lived in the same house with my immediate family. So I will not recommend, from personal experience, to change everything which is held dear.

It is only with the transition to becoming a full time teacher of the creative life, that I have left the corporate world. For more about that, check out – After 25 years, why I walked away my beloved career.

Prioritizing creativity is of the utmost importance. Some tweaking to your schedule might be required as traditional corporate jobs often don’t recognize the business case for creative time. (Unless you work at Google). We have historically had more time to explore our creativity, so in a modern setting we need new tools to accomplish what used to be far more easily done.

I’ll lay out a roadmap, leaving a crumb trail to follow. This will be inspiration for each person to discover their own best creative destination. More than half the fun of this will be in the journey. Actually, creating a new path is one of the first creative tasks! 

#creaspatreat – Join me in this creative journey. I am on a mission to start a global movement, focusing on the importance of creativity in our daily lives. Together, let us see where we can take this. I look forward to hearing from you! Please share your thoughts. Feel free to send an email to: Christine@dailycreatives.com

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Christine Westermark

I am a world traveller, lucky enough to have a loving family who support my dreams to learn, create and give back by designing creative content which enables a lifestyle we don't need a vacation from.

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