My sister is creating the cutest little beads you have ever seen.

The process is somewhat similar to blowing glass into a vase or other shapes. She takes sticks of coloured glass and under heat, twists and turns it into whatever shape you can imagine. Once her creations are complete, she fires them in a kiln so they set up hard and durable.

While the most common form of glass beads is round shapes of uniform colour and size; used in jewelry, Beadlejuice adds another dimension to personal ornamentation. You might require a second glance to notice that the bead hanging off a lovely pink silk rope is actually, a pig? – “critters”

Or a cute little blonde haired girl… – “critters”

Or a fish? – “critters”

And my favourite has to be the Christmas card. What a hoot it would have been to set that one up!

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Beadlejuice critters
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