Courses, seminars, retreats or workshops – online or in real life, the options are endless! It is a fantastic new world for learning, meeting people, experiencing new ideas. There is no limit to what is being offered. Let your fingers do the walking on the keyboard and see what fits your interest and budget. Some are even free!

Early on I discovered e-courses. I like to joke that I have completed a masters degree in ‘life’ by taking all the courses that have interested me along the way. I feel learning through e-courses, particularly self paced ones, lets me explore my thoughts and feelings, matching up to the presented material that is just not possible in physical classroom setting.

Here are some noteworthy ones, I have taken:

Let’s not also forget, there is value in attending a seminar, workshop or course – IRL, otherwise known as In Real Life!

  • Attending 2 years of The World Domination Summit  in Portland, Oregon
  • Took a class to learn about using the Annie Sloan paint system
  • Followed the book, 6 Weeks To A New Body  by Maureen Hagan to give myself a new body!

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