“Being in that wonderful creative flow is the best thing there is”

“Challenge yourself”

“Keeps me bound to the present moment”

After the research and learning of Thursday, I like to have projects in place where I can easily jump in and get into a creative flow. That sounds like a quick and easy thing to do – just be ready to focus all your creative attention to one thing, letting everything else fall away. Yeah, right.

Here are some tricks which work for me.

  1. Space – I need a dedicated place for my creative practice. It serves as a physical barrier from other people in my life who might unwillingly distract me. It also gives me enough room to set everything up.
  2. Supplies – everything needs to be at hand. I gather all the supplies I will need so that I can jump into whatever task is at hand. I gather even more than I will need so that additional items provide further inspiration.
  3. Time – there is a quote from Seinfeld, “Everything takes 4 hours”. I subscribe to that theory, fully. In creative activities, things can be done in less time, but so much more can be done with a longer stretch. And why limit the output if you don’t have to? 4 hours is a nice block of time. I find it best to prepare a lunch for this so I can work almost uninterrupted for the whole session.
  4. CHALLENGE – this is a friendly way to push myself a little further, see where I can take my creativity. I am guilty of sometimes wanting to be done, but quitting too soon can be frustrating to the end result and even the process overall. Often it is not the ‘thing I’m creating’ which counts, as much as how much fun the day was. I am always surprised I am able to rise to the challenge!
  5. FORGE ahead – it is so easy to stop short and give up. Maybe on this day, creative flow seems elusive and if it doesn’t come easily it wasn’t meant to. This is when I might switch to another project, an easier one. Even for just awhile. This can often kick start my creativity for the bigger first project. I also think it is most ideal to be in a flow state, no matter what I am working on. It could be cleaning and reorganizing a room! That might sound crazy, but I can get totally lost in that kind of project.

“But anyone who has experienced flow knows that the deep enjoyment it provides requires an equal degree of disciplined concentration.” 
―Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

If you have spent a chunk of time, deeply immersed in creative activity, it feels fabulous. It’s as simple as that. While Friday can be a pretty great day to begin with, I’m not tricked by the promise of a weekend anymore. Days on the calendar don’t mean so much, the older I get. My level of satisfaction is more dependent on how I use each day. The way in which I am able to FASHION or create on a Friday, will set the tone for the week just passed and for the weekend ahead. This is important stuff!

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