As promised – the downloads!

The awesome Year_Away_Packing_List_Final tested by travelling around the world.

This is as close as we can get to opening a book, on the shelf in the bookstore and having a look inside. I truly hope you enjoy what you find here!


If you like what you have read here, wander over here – to see the options for downloading the full book.

While you are here, have a look at some other great stuff!

Daily Creatives Resources:
: : My heroine’s journey, a road less travelled
: : Detourism and other new word suggestions
: : It took me a year to find freedom, a love story
: : Living in stress, moving to relaxation, looking for ikigai

Our travel year:
: : Have you ever heard of a digital nomad family? A Dad working in Europe and Asia, Teens doing distance education for grades 11 and 9, and Mom keeping it all together, writing, taking photos and making videos.
: : Check out all the adventure, captured in weekly videos on a youtube channel called creative wandering.

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I am a world traveller, lucky enough to have a loving family who support my dreams to learn, create and give back by designing creative content which enables a lifestyle we don't need a vacation from.

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