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AT FORTY FIVE – It’s our mission to disrupt your life with amazing ideas & info that will motivate & inspire you in mind, body, & spirit as you navigate this exciting next phase. YOU are about to create an awesome life at 45, 55 or whatever magic number you are today!

(The full article was published At Forty Five – March 13, 2018)

(The full article was published on At Forty Five Disrupt Life – February 21, 2018)


THRIVE GLOBAL – Thrive Global’s mission is to end the stress and burnout epidemic by offering companies and individuals sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance well-being, performance, and purpose, and create a healthier relationship with technology. Recent science has shown that the pervasive belief that burnout is the price we must pay for success is a delusion. We know, instead, that when we prioritize our well-being, our decision-making, creativity, and productivity improve dramatically. Thrive Global is committed to accelerating the culture shift that allows people to reclaim their lives and move from merely surviving to thriving.

First career, mini-retirement, second act be ready for what you wish for!

I still find it difficult to reconcile the order of events in my life. I always believed my quest was to find that one career or type of job which would satisfy my needs for a lifetime. The pressure I put on myself to find this one thing was intense. It had to be interesting enough to hold my interest and keep me motivated as I grew and changed over time. I’m not sure anything can live up to those kind of expectations.

Cue the second act. Except, that was never supposed to be, for me. I wanted to be a single act play. I never wanted the challenge of many curtain calls. Who has the energy for that? Learning a whole new set of skills, going backwards to move forward. Sounds exhausting. Seems like a young persons game. (The full article is published on Thrive Global October 8, 2018)

Be Brave it is going to be good

Before I created the art project containing the words, ‘be brave it is going to be good’, I had another mantra. ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. This is the title of a self-help book written by Susan Jeffers, finally published in 1987. Susan shopped it around quite a bit and not surprisingly, the male dominated publishers did not want to publish the title. It has gone on to become a classic in the genre, helping millions upon millions of people. Yet, it seems like the message is being forgotten somehow.

I know for myself, it seems like more fun to chant about being brave. Who wants to tackle fear? It is quite a monster, really. But the very essence of bravery is intertwined with fear. Somehow it seems more fashionable to use words like brave or courage, as if the mere mention of the word fear somehow brings it into being. Like not saying Voldemort but rather, he-who-must-not-be-named. (The full article is published on Thrive Global April 25, 2018)

Wellness Education why don’t they teach this in school?

As we travel the world and naturally discover so many new things from day-to-day, I am struck by the absurdity of what my kids are learning as part of their core curriculum. In a fast paced, ever-changing world, who cares whether or not you can simplify a polynomial expression? I’ve been asking that kind of question my whole life. Even though I liked grade 9 math and took comfort in the rigidity of rules and equations, the whole concept never really made sense to me. Even back then, when calculus was used as a filter to weed out applicants for University, I didn’t understand the point of learning unpractical subjects.

Nobody really needs to know higher level math for most parts of daily life. What we need to know, is how to manage stress. How to live a joyful life. By learning first, how to improve our lives, we might just have the enthusiasm to tackle a complex, math based subject. (The full article was published on Thrive Global April 3, 2018)

My Body Left Work but my mind stayed put

After leaving the corporate world, the central question is, ‘am I different person in retirement?’ At least for the blog post I was reading, where various retirees were commenting about their experiences. Even a person who had not retired yet, but was preparing and changing in anticipation. I suppose that was me, years ago.

My pre-retirement from corporate life was a six-year process. From about the time I turned 40, or the period of my life when I started to ask ‘why?’ again. As a child I felt I was entitled to ask ‘why’ about a great many things. Adults thought I was intelligently cute and would take great pains to answer my varied queries. But once I reached adulthood and a certain level of competence beyond my formal education, I was expected to know stuff and apply myself to the tasks at hand without asking too many questions. (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community on April 2, 2018)

Teenagers Are Teachers   if we listen instead of lecture

“Coming home with straight A’s is fine, I’ll accept that, but what I’d rather have you do is come home and tell me something amazing that you learned in the spirit of doing something good for someone else, come home and tell me some really dramatic failure that occurred as you were trying to solve an interesting problem.” -Seth Godin, on what school ought to be teaching

What an interesting view of education and setting meaningful learning objectives. Solve interesting problems and doing something good for someone else. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all kept these outcomes top of mind? Not just reserving this challenge for young people. If we were ever this way, why did we stop? (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community – March 19, 2018)

Broke Down, Bought Yarn, Have To Knit   A year away without this creative outlet is too long

I sent out the letter for February and the moment my sister read it she sent me an email, “buy the yarn”, was all she said. That is how I found myself selecting a pattern and chatting with the lady in the local yarn store.

Our little town called Fish Hoek, has a neighbourhood mall, just down the street from the high school. All the stores face out into a courtyard of sorts. The anchor is shared between the hardware and grocery store. Then there is a laundromat, a ladies fashion store, a postal outlet, the yarn/craft store, a pizza place, a used book store, a cafe, etc. My whole life could be spent between this amazing views home and the little mall, everything I need is down there. (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community – March 17, 2018)

Are we lucky, logical or biased?  Cognitive biases – a basic program in the brain

It was interesting to watch the public preparations for the Chinese New Year celebration. It was easy for me to assume I understood it all, for much of what I could see as a foreigner looked the same as the Western preparations for Christmas and New Year holidays. I have held this cognitive bias for as long as I’ve known about Chinese New Year, roughly 24 years. My brain simply made the connection between the Chinese holiday, which I knew very little about and the Western celebrations which I have participated in, my whole life. It is only when I started to do a little research, when I got curious, did I realize that, while they have the same turning of the calendar to a New Year, that is the only real similarity. (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community – March 9, 2018)

Teach women, invest in a community.  The lost art of sewing

I’m not sure how it came to be, that I learned how to sew. Did I pester my Mom to teach me? What did I think I was going to make on her old Kenmore? I remember she explained it all to me and was very clear about her instructions. She wanted me to pay attention and not ask her to run back to answer questions every 5 minutes, she had other things to do. I took to it, like a fish to water. (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community – March
6, 2018


My heroine’s journey.   A road less travelled

It is a long car ride from Kuta to Ubud. While the threat of a volcanic eruption at Mt. Agung has reportedly reduced the number of tourists in Bali, the traffic does not bear witness to the lost numbers. I needed something to occupy my mind. It would do no good to feel increasingly frustrated by the constant honking of horns, swerving around slow motorbikes and then coming to a complete stop for a vehicle which turns into our lane. The lack of laws on the road, is only topped by the apparent system of courtesy which the traffic operates under. Somehow it all works. But, I find it too chaotic. Best to tune out. (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community – January 31, 2018)

What does detourism mean?  and other new word suggestions

When your life takes a wholly unanticipated change and you must rethink and redefine what your life will be.

A new word submitted to Collins Dictionary, pending approval. Another one – crafternoon which means, An afternoon spent (or specifically set aside for), enjoying crafts. I really like that one, for obvious reasons, but I am getting off track! (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community – January 30, 2018)

Do you answer yes, when someone asks if you are well? That is the expected response, after all.

In truth, I can’t remember the last time someone asked me that question. I probably get asked most often, the same question I pose as a general inquiry – ‘how are you?’ As a polite person, I know the expected response, is ‘fine.’ I have that at the ready. Maybe, if I’m not really feeling OK, there is a bit of a sigh, to go along with it. Perceptive people will hear it. Only my closest friends and family will ask further questions to determine what the sigh means. (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community – January 30, 2018)


Living in stress, moving to relaxation, looking for ikigaiA reason for being

There is an interesting phenomenon of human behavior which I have witnessed with a new sense of clarity since traveling to Bali. It is not unique to this part of the world. I saw it in Baja California Sur every time I went down there in past years. If I think back, it was probably evident when I vacationed in Poipu on the island of Kauai. Many other places in the world offer up a location which provides the safe haven for people to relax and be free of stress, for a short period of time. (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community – January 29, 2018)

It took me a year to find freedom.   A love story

You know that feeling you get when you move into a new house and everything around you, the smells, the light, the physical space, are so different to what you are used to? You imagine living in this space as a new chapter. Or the first day in a new school where you don’t know anyone? The butterflies in your stomach which are a weird combination of extreme anticipation for a clean start and new experiences, mixed with a strong desire to run away and throw up. Have you ever felt this? I have loved this experience, a few times in my life. The see-saw of emotions marks some of the best periods of my life and I yearn to experience it once more. Then again, I’ve had some pretty difficult transition times after a big move to a new job or school. When I remember those experiences, I vow to protect myself from that kind of misery. I rationalize that I’m probably too old for that type of adventure anyway. Sounds like a great deal of work. (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community – January 2, 2018)

What would an epic creative retreat look like for you?   6 ways to fill your creative cup to overflowing!

About once a month, my husband and one of my biggest fans, ends up ‘selling’ a spot to my creative retreat. He will tell me, “I found someone who wants to attend today.” Which is great, except the problem is, I have not created a retreat yet. But, somehow he manages to capture my intent, what a retreat could be like and recruit like-minded women who want to be there with me. (The full article was published on Thrive Global Community – December 20, 2017)







When I told people I was effectively dropping out of the career I took 25 years to build, there was a wide range of responses. I was well-respected and had accomplished many things. On the outside, I seemed to be having fun while managing a fast-paced team. I maintained excellent relationships within the company and outward facing to customers. I was a well-adjusted senior manager who could be trusted to get the job done. I had been promoted many times and was on a path towards the highest levels, someday. Looking at the statistics, I had much of the best that corporate life could offer. (The full article was published on Making Midlife Matter – March 10, 2018)


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