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Since I have relegated the big job of grocery shopping and cooking to Monday, I have freed up my Saturday. For year’s this was the shopping and chores day. This has historically been the day that kind of fell flat, after the hope and promise of Friday. I could never understand why the weekend was so wonderful when Saturday was a whole bunch of drudgery. If you add crowds of people, all trying to do the same thing, why was Saturday so applauded?

In any case, Saturday is now my social day. Even if I find myself shopping, I’m enjoying it with other people. Maybe having lunch or dinner out. I am on a quest to fill up my mind with the thoughts and ideas derived from meeting others. Getting perspective. Sharing. Seeking to understand another’s point of view. This activity challenges my assumptions and allows me a chance to revise and revisit.

When I worked in an office and spent many hours each week surrounded by people, I mistakenly thought I was, ‘peopled out’. In recent year’s I would go into hiding on the weekend. I only socialized with my closest family and friends. I kept events widely spaced, as to not over-do it. It was as if I thought there was a maximum amount of communication with others that was optimum for me. Or maybe I craved more alone time.

What I have discovered is that being alone is kind of the same as being social, if the time is to be spent enjoyably. After all, when we socialize in groups, we don’t sit around and stare at each other. We do stuff. It is the shared activity, which we enjoy. The shared time can even be as simple as communication, where we describe ourselves to another and live vicariously through their eyes.

“When you are living, and creating from your sweet spot, everything simply lines up and the energy flows into the experience as if touched by grace.”   -Lisa Michaels

Now that my Saturday’s hold more purpose, I enjoy them much more. Before, I was trying to jam pack them with all the stuff I hadn’t had the energy to do all week. The weekend was kind of my ‘clean-up’ time. The place where I would throw everything leftover from my to-do list. Now that I have purposely lightened the load on Saturday, I feel more satisfied with what I have accomplished, even if it is less. By being more social, I am more fulfilled. A feeling I would never get from competing my chores.

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