“Very imaginative solutions to some pretty tough situations”

“Creativity through research keeps me inspired, energized and alert”

“Learn something new”

Honestly, I am most thankful for Thursday. For me, this is the bridge day, not Friday. I want to get all the heavy lifting done by this day of the week so that the next three days are a little chunk of their own. In effect, Friday is part of my weekend. I understand not everyone can do that, due to restrictions and customs from everyone else around them. But, we can always think this way and do what we can control.

This is my day to DISCOVER something new. Could be anything. The wonderful thing about working online, (to some extent we are all doing this no matter our jobs are), is the world at my fingertips through research. I’ve always loved the process of finding just the right book to suit my situation at the moment. That is easier than ever before. No more cruising through the old card catalogues!

Besides the written word, there is a rich world of video and even courses, all available online, costing little to no money. Compared with the cost of becoming educated in the historical sense, there is virtually no reason not to learn something new!

The point of this day is to feed my ORIGINAL thoughts. Maybe, when I’m lucky, I can also INVENT something new. It all starts with a seed of an idea, the desire to think creatively and the work of research. When I can spend a whole day like this, I am in my happy place. I find Thursday’s have very little other demands on them. Not the beginning or the end, but in that nice sweet spot of the middle of the week.

I fall deeply and easily to sleep on Thursday. My brain is full of everything I have learned. Then my subconscious works all night to process and understand they day. I am ever so thankful for Thursday!

“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it up.”  -Dee Hock

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Thankful Thursday
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