“Part of who I am and how I do things”

“Anything that is thought up in your head”

“Looking at things through a different lens”

Tuesday is the day to have another look at all the unfinished projects. Move them along or finish a few of them. Dig into these big ideas and see what can be done with a push or spurt of energy. By having all the active ideas visible, new connections may form. Thoughts will connect from taking a new point of view. Turn your head around and look from all angles, maybe even shine a physical light on things, like a microscope.

Use brainstorming exercises to gather ideas for new projects. Pull together everything that stands out or pops into your head. See where it fits best or leave bits aside. Push and pull thoughts around for best effect and feeling. COMPOSE as much of the framework as possible. This is the time to be novel and CLEVER. Think differently by tapping into your own quirky GENIUS.

Keep changing your state. Move your body today. Fill your surroundings with inspiring stimuli. Fill surfaces with tactile things. Consider how to differently use objects, not as they were intended. Let thoughts flow where they want to go, don’t self-edit.

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”
– Jean Shinoda Bolen

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I am working on a movement to empower women to practice creativity everyday, in every way we can. I believe this will be able us to realize our full potential in all facets of our lives. Be bold! Join, start or share in this social movement.

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