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My children turned me on to youtube when they were still tweens. For me, the platform represents some of the most amazing content to be shared in a very long time. The only challenge is – the wild west nature of it all. It is hard to find what you like and many people my age, give up too early. Because of the vast amount of choice and the frequency at which new videos are uploaded, it does take some time to find the niche you are interested in. 

But, don’t despair! Sign up for a google account, (if you don’t have one already), and get started! When you find something you like, press the little thumbs up button. You could also leave a nice comment. And the ultimate compliment to give the creator is to press the red subscribe button. Go ahead and have fun!

Here are the favourites from Creative Wandering, the home of videos for Daily Creatives:

As well, some of my favourites from other creators, including:

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: : Have you ever heard of a digital nomad family? A Dad working in Europe and Asia, Teens doing distance education for grades 11 and 9, and Mom keeping it all together, writing, taking photos and making videos.
: : Check out all the adventure, captured in weekly videos on a youtube channel called creative wandering. #dailycreatives  

Weeks 40 to 44 – The old world

Weeks 31 to 39 – Europe overland travel

Weeks 28 to 30 – Africa

Weeks 15 to 27 – Asia

Weeks 6 to 14 – Barcelona


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: : My tried and true packing list, developed from long-term, around the world travel and….
: : The first chapter from Fruitless at 40?
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: : “Fruitless at 40: Rediscovering My Creative Power

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