¡Fiesta! at the Table

In the middle ages, all but the poorest homes would have used a tablecloth during mealtimes. Isn’t that an interesting thought? Somehow in our modern lives, I feel like we have lost sight of these small niceties.

We were rid of the tablecloth when we adopted a cat who liked to swipe at them with her claws. Then came children who would quickly clear a table of it’s contents for us. (Gave new meaning to “clearing” the table). 

I always intended on getting back to using a tablecloth. I think it elevates the experience of a family dinner to something just a little more special. Maybe not going so far as a ¡fiesta! But, I think our everyday lives deserve something more. It only takes a few minutes more to spread out a table cloth, light a few candles, fold the napkins. 

Then comes the matter of choosing table linens. I have received a bunch as gifts or hand-me-downs over the years. And I’ve used these from time to time. But I think the tablecloth should reflect the style of the cook, as much as the food does. I like to have some flair, a little pizzazz and spicy heat. Naturally, Mexican textiles come to mind.

Late last year, while on vacation in the Baja, I found a fabric store in La Paz. Wow. If you want to learn about the culture from a woman’s perspective, visit the local fabric store. I found it to be an amazing experience. I only came away with 2 pieces because I had my whole family shopping with me. Even my daughter lost interest after we discovered the store had a whole second floor.


Anyway, it has taken me almost a year to sew up the tablecloths and napkins. My intent was to bring a warm, sunny, Mexico state of mind into our home when the weather became cold and wet and the constant cloud cover blocked out the sun for days and days. That time has come and we now have a ray of sunshine in our dining room. 



Method for this project is the simplest one I know. Double turn and stitch. If you can mange it, press the corners into a “V” shape. 

Pressing_Double_Turn_Hem_Corner Sewing_Double_Turn_Hem

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    November 18, 2015

    Lovely bright colours! Any tips on washing this kind of fabric?

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