Sneak in Greens

“The easiest diet is, you know, eat vegetables, eat fresh food. Just a really sensible healthy diet like you read about all the time.”   -Drew Carey

We read about what a healthy eating menu plan should look like and yet we don’t follow it so well. We start our day by jolting our system with fast burning sugar. Even if that sugar is housed inside the perfect packaging of fruit, it still burns quickly leaving us feeling the sugar crash and hungry long before lunch time. 

I like to include, or sneak in some greens at breakfast as often as possible. The main reason is the immediate effect on the rest of my day. Veggies are generally low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. As a result, this helps prevent unhealthy mid-morning snacking and sugar cravings. It also makes me feel good about how my day is starting out. That can help me make better food decisions as the day goes on. It is like starting a fashion trend in my own mind, which I often follow without question.


I have noticed an improvement in cognitive functions. Now, that could be the exercise, it could be because I am better hydrated. My gratitude practice, better sleep and general stress reduction could also be playing a role. But, there is no need to dismiss the studies which show vegetables are a chock-a-block of vitamins and minerals essential for brain activity and concentration. A single serving of vegetables in the morning has shown double the concentration and academic performance of elementary school children. If it works in school kids, it will likely work on me too.

My big beef, (all puns intended), is with the restaurant industry in the West. Why can’t they respect the vegetables? That applies to all meals, but particularly so at breakfast. I’ve decided to start judging a restaurant not by the soup or the main proteins, but by how well they handle vegetables. If they can honour and tease out the wonderful flavours of vegetables, they are a top pick for me. And why it has to be the most expensive restaurants which have this figured out, continues to be a mystery.

Most mornings I go easy on myself by preparing a green smoothie. Nothing complicated, quick and easy. Once you wean yourself off of sugar in the morning, you will be surprised how amazingly sweet it really is, should you go back to it.

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