A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

 “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”    ~Phyllis Diller

Studies show that if you are feeling anything but happy, if you put a smile on your face, even if it forced, you will feel happier. Your brain will take the cues from your face and start to change accordingly. What an amazing thing, a smile. Not only does it light up others around you, you can help yourself. 

Imagine if we started to practice other habits in order to increase other positive feelings? One way to understand how to change ourselves is to notice the behaviour of others.

When you read the guidebooks, there is always a mention about how friendly people are in Mexico. But somehow that word alone, doesn’t paint the most accurate picture of the feeling you get when you are there. It was best described to me by an American expat we met in La Paz. He felt like he was living back home in the US, in a small town, in the 1950’s. There is a spirit, a sense of peace and adventure that our modern life in the North doesn’t afford us.

I came across this poem when I was compiling my research for our first trip to La Paz. This says it all.

What is it that brings us back to Mexico?

by Summer

The Eyes

Such a devine design…. They tell a whole story in an unspoken exchange. The eyes of Mexico are deep and broad, yet old and wise. These eyes have seen more history than can be told in a book. Even in our imaginations we can’t begin to travel where Mexico has been.

The Smile

How a person smiles or if they smile at all can unravel their own story….People sometimes hide behind a smile, not realizing we see through the disguise. Mexico doesn’t hide behind its steadfast smile. It is there for the taking. We receive smile after smile, everyday of our visit. Even in the face of adversity, we can depend on Mexico to give us the gift of a warm smile. And we respond with our hearts.

The Voice

Is it high-pitched? Is it deep and rough? A voice can be a cruel joke, not matching the landscape…..For me, the voice of Mexico is a warm whisper that can’t be heard. It is something you feel inside. It is a silent sensation that speaks of heritage, simplicity and rich colors. We experience an endless season of celebrations through this whisper. I fell in love with the voice of Mexico many years ago. This love grows stronger with each visit.

Something Else

Put the eyes, the smile and the voice in a bookmark for a moment. There is something else that keeps calling us back. Is it the scenery and the recreation we experience? Of course, but even that isn’t it. It’s the one thing that keeps Mexico stranded in our minds for endless hours….


The pace of Mexico gives us permission to live each day, one at a time.

We don’t have this privilege in our everyday lives. We are far too busy preparing for the next step, the next meal, the next day. We are not happy unless we are predicting tomorrows problems and preparing for every possible disaster that may fall in our path. We spend our life preparing for life but we are far too busy being “productive” to live it. When you wake up in Mexico the pace will greet you and it will remind you. At breakfast you’ll be enjoying the morning, not worrying about the afternoon. At lunch, you will simply enjoy the afternoon. There is no need to worry about dinner. It will arrive. If you need to look at your watch to be reminded go ahead, but why bother? Evening will arrive without a clock and you will often find that you are still enjoying the afternoon when it does.

When I am traveling in the Baja of Mexico and really living to the fullest, the reservoir where my creative ideas are stored, starts to fill back up. I need this, on a regular basis in order to consistently produce my best work.

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