Creative love for an old piece

I found a great dresser at the second hand store the other day. I have kind of been looking for years. But, on this day, I took the measurements, my husband, our truck and we had some luck! Because you never know what you will find at the second hand store. Some days are golden and some days are coal.

I should say what I’m trying to do with the room. Finish the creative action centre. I want to have my supplies at hand, but not strewn about as they are now. I want to be able to work on my projects and easily be able to see my stuff, rather than feeling like I need to spend so much time to “set-up”. I would love to take over the whole room, but there is still a hide-a-bed couch for guests. (I’m already dreaming of the day when my kids go to University and I’ll have 2 more rooms!) So for now, I need to be smart about my small space. 

For this project, I used the fact that the piece was already white as my starting point. No need to add a white base. I decided on my color palette and set about mixing the ground color. My paint of choice is made by Annie Sloan. I use chalk paint and the 2 kinds of wax she makes as well. 

01_Top_Before_small 01_Side_Before_small

For the first coat I started with “Old White” and mixed in a small amount of “Paris Grey” and distilled water to thin it down. I wanted a wash effect to sit on top of the white. Mostly I did one coat, but in some areas, like the top and sides, I hit with a second coat. This paint dries super fast, so I was able to add the second coat right away. For the rest of what I mixed up, I coated some old glass bottles I was saving and an old wooden spoon. When I have leftover Annie Sloan paint, I start looking around my house for what else I could paint to use it up. I don’t like to waste.

02_Top_Coat1_small 02_Side_Coat1_small

Next I added 6 colors of accent on the drawers:

  • Florence
  • Aries
  • Antibes Green
  • Duck Egg
  • Aubusson Blue
  • Emperor’s Silk


These little pots go quite far. In fact, if the paint gets think, I thin it with distilled water.

03_Side_Drawer_accent_small 03_Top_Drawer_Accent_small

My husband advised that I not paint the top drawer edge, but rather keep a really steady hand. I took his advice and then realized I didn’t have a steady enough hand. But I had a plan.

Next was the wax. I love this part. Clear wax over the whole thing. Then I really let it dry, at least for a day. Then I sand. Since there is already wax down, the sanding produces no dust, so I completed this project in the spot where the finished dresser will sit. I don’t worry about dust flying over everything else. 

Then, the best part. The dark wax. You just have to be brave, that is all I can say about that. Lay it on, let it sit to soak in and then wipe off as desired. Buff to a shine. I love the dark wax. I only did the drawers, which my husband thinks looks strange. But I like it. That is the boho girl in me, I guess.

06_Side_After_web 06_Top_After_small

What you can’t imagine, unless you have worked with this is the feeling of the surface. If feels like a piece of wood which has been worn with age and use. Well loved. Smooth and soft and comforting. 



That takes care of that area of the studio. I’ve already started to fill the drawers. I also really like to organize my supplies!

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