It’s that kind of day

I’ve never been one to take much notice of the weather. If it was cold outside, dress warm. Rainy, grab an umbrella. And so on. In fact, when working for an outdoor apparel company, there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choices. Since I worked in that business, I sort of changed my way of thinking to match.

Besides, what does it matter if it rains all day when most of these hours will be spent inside a building? There is a dash for the car, then a climate controlled commute. A number of hours inside, sometimes with a view to what is going on outside. Then dash back to the car and home again. I could get through an entire winter like this, with no real discomfort. 

For when I did go outside for the day, I was fully decked out with the latest protective gear. I had my own little micro-climate going on. And it was warm and comfy!

The downside came in the summer. If the sun didn’t shine and if the temperatures were not warm on the 11 weekends available, the whole season kind of seemed like a bust. Last summer felt that way. In addition, we were looking for ‘no wind’ as an additional requirement so that we could use our boat. That is a lot of pressure to put on the weather! Or more to the point, it is important to be able to enjoy all kinds of days.

I remember when I was a teenager, if it rained on summer holidays, particularly if we were trying to enjoy the beach, that would be a puzzle day. Or board games. Or reading. So many options on a lazy kind of day when the rain wouldn’t stop and it was rather cold outside. 

But there was a day when I was young and my Mother needed a break. We were camping and she sent my sister and I out for a walk with our Dad. It was warm and nice when we left, but somewhere along the way it started to rain. Actually, by the look of this photo, I think is started to pour down. I am the miserable looking one. No wonder I went into the business of making outerwear!

Now that I can control everything about my days, I choose when to go out and when to stay in. On this rainy day, I spent most of the day inside, reading and writing, watching movies and generally enjoying myself. I ventured out for a bit in order to shoot some footage of the soggy garden. Enjoy!

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