That was such a yucky blue job

The main reason it looked so rainy yesterday in my video was because the gutters were overflowing. It was so noisy it woke me at 5:30am and I assumed it must be raining cats and dogs. All day, there was this show of rain, peppering the doorway. Finally I went outside and had a walk around. It actually was not that bad. At least not as bad as it seemed on our deck.

This morning when I woke up, the sun was shinning! Yeah oh yeah! It was already warm too. As I left for my run, I didn’t need a long sleeve top to keep me warm. I was in my tank top to start. I could even say, it was a tad too warm and it looks like I’m going to move up my start time. Happy days.

As a side note, I was looking through my instagram photos and it was April 8, last year that my cherry tree was in full bloom. As I suspected, we are about a month behind. That winter we had just keeps on giving. 

Back to the blue job. I just need to say, I have no problem assigning colors, typically associated to gender stereotypes for jobs in our house. I don’t mind taking the pink ones. Along with everything else involved with being a woman. I won’t go into that now, but you get my point.

I also don’t mind saying that most of the blue jobs seem yucky to me. So I’m back from my run, drinking my smoothie and looking at the constant dripping from the overflowing gutters. Right at our patio door area. I think to myself, ‘somebody needs to fix that’. I also consider that, wearing my running gear and being all sweaty, it might be a good time to get up on the ladder and attend to this blue job. Then I decide I don’t want to put my shows back on and go for a shower instead.

Later in the morning, the gutter is still dripping pretty bad. The deck is still soaked from yesterday and in that protected area, on the North side of the house, it is not going to dry out if it gets left like this. My husband is away for a few more days and I decide, it can’t wait until he returns.

I’ve seen my husband, up on a ladder pulling all sorts of really gross stuff out of the gutters. I think I know what I am in for. I find the ladder. I put on rubber gloves. I get a bucket. As I climb up there in my nice pink pants, I wonder if I should have changed clothes. I start with the area of the dripping. Plenty of gross stuff in the bucket, but I wonder why the gutter is still so full of water?

Then I realize I need to move to the area of the downspout. That is not near the deck. I wonder if I need a taller ladder? How many steps at the top are you not supposed to stand on? I can’t remember. On tip toes on the second to top step, I can scoop out the stuff which is clogging the screen. Then the water streams out of the entire length of the gutter. It was a fast flowing creek for a few minutes. Lots of water. And more stuff just kept coming and collecting. 

Now I know why they make pink rubber gloves. For pink jobs. I need to get me some of those. These yellow ones I have now seem to be good for either pink or blue jobs. I don’t think we need that kind of ambiguity.

While it was good to know that I ‘could’ do this job, I don’t want this color confusion to become a habit. 

OK, the funniest thing just happened. I was searching around for a quote to support my position on pink jobs versus blue jobs and there was not much out there. 5 spots down is a post from my Mom’s blog in 2010. One of her friends warned, “No, you can’t do that! That’s a blue job. And if you do a blue job once, it becomes a pink job for ever more.” So I’m not sure if this is a ‘thing’ outside our family and friends? Anyway, I can’t take on gutter cleaning, I’m just saying.

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