A year of the morning pages

July 2, 2017 I wrote my first 3 morning pages. Sitting on our back deck in the sun, diligently following the instructions of Julia Cameron. She prescribes 3 pages, no more, no less. Writing must be done in long hand. Julia only had a hunch about why that was important, the brain research would come much later.

Much has been discovered about the cognitive benefits of hand writing over using a keyboard. I’m not going to write a report about it here. In fact, I had no hard science to support my decision to start writing. I simply followed along on blind faith. The whole idea, ‘felt’ right to me. You know that sense you get when you feel compelled to do something? Possibly, because I believed the process of writing would be good for me, the benefits came to pass.

For whatever reasons I had to start, once the wheels were rolling I kept going. I had to. We were travelling for a year, (or the better part of a year), so I wrote. Everyday. I only skipped days when we had early morning flights or when I otherwise forgot. Which happens. I didn’t get mad at myself about missing my pages. But, I missed them just the same. They called me back.

This may sound a bit strange to those who have never written a journal in a serious way before. In truth, I have had good intentions of writing everyday, many times in the past. I have a drawer of unfinished books. Loads of blank pages remind me of the moment I stopped and never picked it up again. In some ways those pages are a treasure because there are so few words. In other ways they are a reminder of my half-finished personal projects. It all depends on how you look at things, I guess.

Not this time. For the purposes of accelerating my creativity and having another point of documentation for our travels, I stuck with it. I had decided that my personal life was worth the same effort which I had previously reserved for my work life. I had been guilty of coming home from a day of work and not having anything left. I had spent every ounce of creative energy in another place, with other people. My family, my home and myself had been left in the lurch.

By the simple act of putting myself first, every morning, I cared for myself. In that small way, with just 3 pages, I made sure that I honoured what I thought. Sometimes, the pages were noble and lovely, full of grand ideas. Other times I was throwing a tantrum by hurling all sorts of negative thoughts at the pages. They took it all in and there the words rest.

I’m going to put the journals away now, for a while. They have served me well and they need a break. There might be a book in there, maybe not. There is likely inspirational ideas hiding in the pages. But, there is some pain as well. For now, the dust needs to settle a bit. Maybe for another year or so.

Which brings up my next adventure! A new chapter starting on July 3, 2018. A year of developing, testing and enjoying a life I don’t need a vacation from, while working in an office and commuting on public transit! This is where my ideas for creaspatreat will come to life. Don’t miss any of it by joining us!

My new journal project is going to focus on gratitude. I am going to write every night, instead of in the morning. I am going to recall three things I am grateful for which happened to me during that day. It is a way of ‘finishing’ the day, I think. I don’t have a teacher for this project. Instead, I am kind of winging it. I think I am in good company because the benefits of practicing gratitude are well documented. The trick is to actually do the work. (As with anything in life). It is amazing to see how quickly the rewards start to roll in. This I know from the experience.

For everyone who followed our travel year, thank-you for your comments, love and support. We are no longer a digital nomad family. Dad is working from our home in Canada. We left with 2 teenagers and returned with young adults, who are now on summer break. I’m no longer the only one doing the day-to-day family planning. Everyone gets to play a part. Family dinner ingredients will arrive on our doorstep, courtesy of Fresh Prep. Three meals per week, one for each – except me! Youtube is still the place to watch our weekly adventures. Head over to creative wandering to check out latest.

#creaspatreat – Join me in this creative journey. I am on a mission to start a global movement, focusing on the importance of creativity in our daily lives. Together, let us see where we can take this. I look forward to hearing from you! Please share your thoughts. Feel free to send an email to: Christine@dailycreatives.com

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