You have a young face

Since I have let my hair go back into the wild state where it prefers to roam, I have been receiving a few compliments. Maybe the way each thick strand twists and turns, following a unique path somehow matches my personality. Or the way it seems to twist and turn in odd ways as if it were following the beat of a distant drummer. More likely the compliment lands because of the color.

Most women of my age express a form of creativity and a sense of fashion through the choice of cut, style and color of their hair. I have stopped doing all of those things, much to my salons concern. I keep getting email offers to make an appointment. I continue to resist. It is not that I don’t like the experience in the stylist’s chair, I actually enjoy every moment of the appointment.

For all the unique characteristics of the way my hair grows, I have always wished for something different. When I was young, I spent all kinds of time and money trying to achieve hairstyles with varying degrees of success. Since it grew so fast, I only had to wait awhile and I could try something new. Then in my early thirties the first strands of grey appeared. The trips to the stylist began to focus on hiding and taming.

Until we decided to travel. For a year away from home, I gave myself a hall pass. It became the perfect excuse to let my hair do whatever it wanted. I could stop trying to control it, which was proving ever more futile. I only visited a stylist once. In Siem Reap, Cambodia a woman from Vancouver had decided to go back to her home country to start her salon. That was not planned but rather a curious coincidence.

Now we are home. I have a job in a big building with loads of other women. I feel the need to fit in, a little. Why? I don’t know. Could be that most who are close to my age are going to some effort to look younger. True, there are not many of us, so it is a small sample set. Is it a little vain to think like that? Maybe.

Then I cast my attention back to our travels. Right at that moment when I think I need to change myself to fit in with them, I remember what I have seen and learned. The world is a big place with all kinds of people and I have it so good. When I start to imagine my life will be better with less grey hair, I check myself. I already enjoy an extremely high level of privilege compared to most people on this planet. The color of my hair cannot make that any better. Just as I finally feel comfortable in my own skin, I’m getting there with the multitude of shades in my hair.

Don’t get me wrong. I still catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and feel shocked at what I look like. When did I get so old-looking? Although, my yoga teacher assured me I can carry off my look in a way she could not. When I asked her why she couldn’t join my camp and leave behind the salon appointments every three weeks, she strongly protested. She thought I could pull off the grey because, “you have a young face!” Not sure what that means, but as far as compliments go, I’ll take it.

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