17 years on

I will always remember this day because I was nursing my infant son when it happened. I was not watching TV at that moment, I think my husband came into the living room and turned it on. The emergency news had taken over every channel, it didn’t matter which one we picked. Click after click on the remote control, the images were hard to believe.

My first response in a situation like that is to look for the explanation. What was being shown on the screen was surely being exaggerated. The news channels do that. Everyone knows, to wait and not jump to conclusions. The sky is surely not falling.

Of course, on this day, 17 years ago other things were falling from the sky. There are no words to describe what it felt like to watch the horror and devastation unfolding in real-time. Every one of us who watched from afar, felt a dig into our heart as we imagined the fateful last moments for those in the towers and on the airplanes who perished that day.

As the first plane plunged into downtown New York city, one could hope it was all a terrible accident. And then the second plane. And then another plane heading towards Washington. This was planned. Terrorism had arrived on the shores of America.

Growing up in the 70’s and the 80’s in Canada, there was no reference point to help comprehend political violence. My childhood was marked by peaceful times, particularly in North America. On the other side of the world the Khmer Rouge devastated Cambodia. Children were being hauled off to forced labour, often separated from their parents. But, I didn’t really know anything about that, yet.

As I sat there with my little family on a Tuesday morning, I felt the ground shift. My perception of the world changed, or should I say my feeling of safety within it. No longer did all those bad things happen in other places. Now there was a real potential they could happen here, where my friends and family lived.

Nobody was lost to us that day. But, we felt an eerie sense of luck. I had walked those streets of New York for work and fun, many times before. Timing, really is everything.

As the days and weeks unfolded, New Yorker’s closed ranks and rallied their mighty resources. They helped each other in all kinds of ways. Even down to the most vulnerable victims, like dogs and cats, no living creature was left behind. That generosity extended far and wide, as planes had been diverted all over the place. Gander, Newfoundland was a destination which was not on anyone’s bucket list. Yet, that small Canadian community welcomed all the bewildered travelers who landed that day.

It was not until we travelled as a family and learned that potential danger was lurking everywhere, did I start to relax. There is absolutely no point in excessive worry. If I want to live like that, then I should not leave home. Because deadly stuff is happening all over the place. There is no way to be perfectly safe. I can’t protect my children from every threat. I simply have to take a deep breath and enjoy our current state, wherever that is. I am grateful for this moment and that is the only thing I can control. At the end of the day, it is the accumulation of good memories along the way that makes for an amazing life, however long that might last.

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