One connection at a time

I woke to an email from someone I don’t know. Yes, I get those all the time too! A person who claims to be my friend and needs money for one emergency or another. Or they want to send me money. The spelling, punctuation and general use of English is so poor that they are easy to filter and toss in the bin. (I get a strange sense of satisfaction in that). However lately, the emails are getting a little trickier to spot. I might have to read a sentence or 2.

Still, the volume of this junk email which makes it through my spam filters is really low. What is more troublesome are the list sign-ups I am getting on my blog. I was patting myself on the back, thinking I was growing my list by double digits each week, not even looking at the names. Then I got a notification from my provider showing a 3-digit growth in a single week. I thought I had finally made it to the big times!

In the next instant I asked, why? What could be driving that traffic? I have not done anything unusual. I have not launched anything. No collaborations. Something fishy was going on. I had a look at my list and sure enough, name after name being served up from the largest telecom provider in Russia. Each address was strangely long with first names which seemed like a strange clumping of short 3-letter words. As if a remote computer somewhere was conjuring all this up. On the bright side, my site had been indexed somewhere!

I knew that kind of growth was too good to be true. I want to believe in overnight success and I am sure that happens to some people, but I am a realist. The majority of people build businesses and make connections with other people, organically. One small step at a time. Back to being patient.

Back to my email. Not only was it from a person unknown to me, it was legitimate. A piece of my work had called out to someone who felt compelled to write me a personal email in response. Yipee! I feel like framing it. This person wanted nothing from me, but rather just to connect with me and let me know how my work had landed. That is a connection I had been hoping to make for years.

Possibly this one email expresses sentiments for a certain number of others who are too busy to comment or write. Just like politicians who estimate how many voters are being represented with each piece of mail. (At least that was the old days, when snail mail was a thing). Or maybe this is a one-off. In any case, I was so happy to build a connection with another like-minded person. After all, it can feel rather lonely to cast words out into cyber space never knowing if they are resonating with others.

Not that I am complaining. Writing feels like therapy, in a good way. Where else can you express what you are feeling from moment to moment, without talking to yourself? That seems crazy. Not that I am judging, whatever gets you through the day. I am happy to build one connection at a time.

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