Time is a precious resource, with a finite supply

It is the curse of aging when we finally realize time is in short supply and needs to be lived according to our fullest potential. If we are lucky, we realize how precious the resource of time is and how quickly the supply dwindles down to nothing.

As a youngster time seemed to stretch out forever on the horizon. In those days, I could no more imagine my death than I could travelling a million miles around the world. The future was so distant, it was incomprehensible. I guess the saying, “youth is wasted on the young”, refers to how time is spent?

Hopefully, I will get to a million miles before I check out for good, but you never know. I don’t participate in dangerous activities or live in a risky way; therefore, I’ve stacked the deck in my favor. This creates a feeling of certainty and security, which is one way of looking at things. If only life expectancy was linear and prescriptive. Would we always eat carrots instead of cake?

Luckily, I’ve already had a long life. Those who know themselves to be older than me will scoff at that. They might say that I am very young still. Age is certainly relative. Even so, I am grateful for all of the experiences, relationships and adventure I have had up until now. While there is much more I want to accomplish, I am already content.

That is not to say I have not made mistakes and wished certain events had gone differently or not happened at all. Although, feeling regret or ruminating on those times has not proven to be very helpful. Spending too much time thinking about unpleasant events in my life makes me feel worse. Given the choice of how to spend time reminiscing, why not think of happy times? It is a choice.

When I find that circumstances have conspired against me, or what has occurred would be classified as a failure, I try to re-label it as learning. I try. I find this an easy platitude dispensed by those who have already mastered this skill. Taking an experience which has caused an ‘amygdala highjack ‘, (the trigger of the fight or flight response) and distancing yourself from the intense emotion attached to it, is very tricky. That part of the brain works so quickly and confidently that bringing analysis to bear is a painstaking process.

I used to think that when I finally finished school I would be done learning. I must have listened to Alice Cooper’s song about ‘school being out forever’ and taken it a little too much to heart. Little did I know that what I learned in class was just the start. My whole life has been a series of opportunities to learn. When I chose to see it that way.

I guess time is an interesting teacher. As I begin to realize that my time does not stretch out forever, I become more interested in how I am spending each and every moment. That is not to say I would rather be retired and living out some fantasy lifestyle on a beach somewhere. I tried a little of that recently and found it became tiresome and repetitive in its own way, just like going to work each day. I think I am at my best with meaningful work where I feel invested in the contribution I am making.

I’ve always known that I enjoyed spending my time in service of a goal which I felt a deep connection to. I just had to do many jobs over a long period of time to arrive at that conclusion. This reward has been hard earned, making it ever sweeter. It is not easy to constantly be searching for a good fit. A place in time where I felt comfortable in my own skin and that knowledge matched up with what someone was willing to pay me to do. I think those are 2 sides of what the Japanese call ikigai, or the sweet spot.

For now, the stars seem to have aligned. I have enough confidence and self-awareness to know when the balance is tipping too much to one side. I am mindful of making sure I am getting what I need. It would have been nice to have this knowledge at a younger age. But, better late than never. Time is a precious resource, with a finite supply. I feel an urgency to use it wisely.

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