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Wouldn’t it be nice to get a weekly dose of positive ideas to kick off your weekend? We all have rituals and habits which help to create a sacred space. Or maybe we don’t have enough of that kind of goodness in our lives. We might need a little lift, a tonic to counteract the popular media churn. Welcome, sit down for a minute and take it in. It’s time to recharge. TGIF.

Fun is also thought of as amusing, enjoyable, entertaining, lively, pleasant.

Bard on the Beach
A theatre-lover’s dream come true, Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach is one of Canada’s largest not-for-profit, professional Shakespeare festivals. The summertime staple is set in enormous open-ended tents along the waterfront in Vanier Park, with the nearby mountains serving as a spectacular backdrop. Here, the city’s finest thespians hit the boards in lavish stagings of everything from Romeo and Juliet (above) to The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Relax or to be calm, lie down, loosen up, recline, sit back, soften, unwind.

Being on vacation is awesome. There is no other way to describe it. Whether the choice is enjoying nature in the mountains or by the sea, alone or with others, basic or luxury; nothing beats the feeling of getting away from the routine of daily life. Or maybe not. What if a vacation type of life is already possible at home? What would it take to realize that level of relaxation, calm and serenity in familiar surroundings? (Continue reading on Daily Creatives)

Invent, used as a verb means to originate or create as a product of one’s own ingenuity, experimentation, or contrivance, to produce or create with the imagination.

Paro the robot seal is equipped with five different sensors that enhance its ability to connect with and heal people. The fluffy robot has a moveable body, makes cute seal sounds and responds to the touch and voice of individuals, adapting its behavior to suit users – which include the elderly, trauma victims and people dealing with serious illnesses.

Deal. What kind of good deals are we making? Things like sustainable product choices, ways people co-operate or technological advancements.

Waste treatment company GENeco has come up with a groundbreaking new invention – the trash and sewage-guzzling BioBus. The first BioBus is currently active in the United Kingdom, shuttling passengers back and forth every day from Bristol Airport.

Appreciate is defined as: to be grateful or thankful for, to value or regard highly; place a high estimate on, to be fully conscious of; be aware of; detect, to raise in value.

Getting lost in a good book.

Studies show that reading fiction actually make you more empathetic in real life.

Yore & lessons from history, habits from simpler times, pre-technology.

On this day in 2018 – Observation of a black hole by The Very Large Telescope in Chile proves Albert Einstein’s prediction of “gravitational redshift”, published in “Journal Astronomy & Astrophysics”


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