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Wouldn’t it be nice to get a weekly dose of positive ideas to kick off your weekend? We all have rituals and habits which help to create a sacred space. Or maybe we don’t have enough of that kind of goodness in our lives. We might need a little lift, a tonic to counteract the popular media churn. Welcome, sit down for a minute and take it in. It’s time to recharge. TGIF.

Fun is also thought of as amusing, enjoyable, entertaining, lively, pleasant.

When faced with the closure of the local lumber mill, this oceanside town on Vancouver Island came up with a creative solution to put it back in business. More than 40 colourful, detailed murals were painted throughout Chemainus, depicting the history and culture of the region. Soon, it became a road trip staple, with hoards of visitors dropping in to check out the art around town. You can explore “Muraltown” (as it’s been nicknamed) by foot or by horse drawn carriage. There’s even an actor who will give tours (while in character!) of the town’s original first lady, Isabel Askew.

Relax or to be calm, lie down, loosen up, recline, sit back, soften, unwind.

The teachings of the Buddha (Dharma) and the practices of Insight Meditation (Vipassana) and loving-kindness meditation (metta) are at the heart of all the programs offered at Spirit Rock. Practicing Insight Meditation develops mindfulness, the capacity to pay attention to each moment of life and to see clearly the truth of our experience. Studying the Dharma provides insights into the conditions that define and limit our experience of life. And cultivating an attitude of loving-kindness allows us to stay present to what’s true and what’s difficult in our lives with compassion for ourselves and others. Ultimately, our relationship to life is transformed as we learn to live more wisely and kindly.

Invent, used as a verb means to originate or create as a product of one’s own ingenuity, experimentation, or contrivance, to produce or create with the imagination.


When you’re ready to throw out this new type of packaging, it shouldn’t go in the recycling bin. Instead, the carton is designed to be planted in your backyard, where legume seeds embedded in the material can start to grow, improving soil health and helping the dirt sequester more carbon from the air.

Deal. What kind of good deals are we making? Things like sustainable product choices, ways people co-operate or technological advancements.

The ZEB Pilot House, by international architecture outfit Snøhetta is a remarkable experimental home that makes an even more remarkable claim: thanks to incredible efficiency and ample solar panels, it’s said to generate almost three times the amount of electricity it requires – leaving plenty of surplus juice for charging an EV, for example.

Appreciate is defined as: to be grateful or thankful for, to value or regard highly; place a high estimate on, to be fully conscious of; be aware of; detect, to raise in value.

I finally found a way to recycle all the plastic bags we seem to get, including the pesky foil lined chip bags. With two teenagers in the house, who seem to consume crispy salty snacks at an alarming rate – I was looking for a way to recycle those packages which are taking up a big part of what we are sending to landfill. I can also probably switch out our garbage can to a smaller one, yeah! Check out TerraCycle to see if they service your region of the world.

Yore & lessons from history, habits from simpler times, pre-technology.

On this day in 48 BC – Caesar’s civil war: Battle of Pharsalus – Julius Caesar decisively defeats Pompey at Pharsalus and Pompey flees to Egypt.


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