What does CreaSpaTreat mean to you?

Only 5 tickets left for the first CreaSpaTreat event in White Rock, BC. If you are available on the weekend of September 20, 2019 – join the fun! If not, please share with friends and family!

Until then, let’s explore what CreaSpaTreat means to you….

Years ago I offered a survey where I asked people what creativity meant to them. The answers I received were incredibly diverse. Of course, there was a little overlap, but I was surprised to learn how uniquely creativity showed up for people. It almost felt like a signature or a finger-print, distinctly unique to each person.

Above, I summarized some of the responses to specific questions, (in light orange), and quoted some of my favourite words, (various bright colours). As I gathered this data, I began to feel connected with the phrases and the people who wrote them! I loved the way creativity was interpreted. Such honesty. My kind of people.

Now I wonder what a creative retreat, offered in a spa-like setting might mean to someone? What would be important to offer? What kind of learning style works best? For these questions and many more, I created a different survey, intended to find out what was important in a creative retreat.

I didn’t get as many responses on the second survey, probably because ‘creativity’ is a huge topic and when ‘retreat’ gets added on, the interest narrows a lot. The good thing about having fewer respondents on a more niche topic was that the data clustered along common answers more than it had with a wide open idea like creativity.

I strategically tried to design CreaSpaTreat along the common lines of thinking which came out of both survey’s. In that way, I hoped to be providing an experience which already seems a bit familiar to some people. This was a good exercise as my interests are very diverse. By listening to others, I was able to focus in a good way.

So now, what does CreaSpaTreat mean to you? I would love to read your comments!

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