"How I Journal" with Elizabeth VanDerwerken

“How I Journal” with Elizabeth VanDerwerken

Welcome to Friday morning and a real journaling treat, one that is dear to me. I only wish that my grandmothers had created one of these. May this Daily Find inspire something creative! Love from CW.

Food connects us. No matter where you come from, what language you speak, or the continent you live on – it’s a universal fixation where strangers can find common ground. Whether it be home cooked meals, fine dining, or an irresistible dessert, they all have their unique way to please one’s palate and provide solace. After all, it’s called comfort food for a reason. We teamed up with a local foodie who caught our attention with her savory recipes and fascination to cook, travel, and journal. See our one-on-one with Elizabeth V. and her flavorsome recipe journal. Tell us […]

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