DIY Handmade Paper Experiment

Take a walk through human history and learn how to add your mark. Literally. Handmade paper could not be easier to do yourself. Challenge yourself to step into the handwork and making process of our ancestors. It is not difficult and the results can be stunning, once you get the hang of it!

The intriguing history of handmade paperThere is long arc that ties modern day makers of paper to the past. It has been the foundation for communication, commerce and entertainment. 

The handmade paper that lasts 800 yearsIt is fantastic that some ancient arts of making things by hand, survive the test of time. Take a walk down memory lane in Vietnam.

How to Make Your Own PaperStart simple and don’t buy a bunch of supplies, just yet. Get familiar with the simplest techniques and move up as your skills develop.

How To Make Beautiful Handmade PaperSupplies required for this project are pretty minimal, but the results are pretty nice, when it comes to handmade paper. 

Here’s How to Make Handmade Paper from Recycled MaterialsThese instructions are comprehensive. Once the easier steps are mastered, it is time to move to the big leagues and make some paper that can be written on. 

DIY Handmade paper

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