The Art of Handwriting

The Art of Handwriting

Have you ever thought of handwriting as an art form? Maybe not, but for those who practice diligently, this can be achieved. I love the fact that the result is practical and beautiful! Enjoy this Daily Find, Love from CW.

Taiwanese art teacher turned renowned penmanship expert Yeh Yeh is transforming the simple act of handwriting into an art form, inspiring us all to put pen to paper, literally. On stage at the Golden Melody Awards in 2016, an awards show regarded as the Grammys of the Chinese-speaking world, the crowd waited as the lights dimmed and images of swirling snow and rushing water were cast onto the stage. As a hauntingly mesmerising aboriginal song rung out through the arena, lines of poetry appeared on the screen in an elegant, flowing script; less rigid than the standard Kaishu style, […]

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    December 3, 2019

    This post brought back so many memories – I remember being so intrigued with learning cursive – I loved to watch the rhythm of the letters flow across the blackboard, like magic. My uncle was a school teacher, and later a Dean at UBC, and had exquisite handwriting. My father’s was large and loopy, and he always made a few practice loops above the paper before he started writing anything – his signature, a cheques, a card. I wonder why?

    My own handwriting changes dramatically with what type of paper and pen I have, how tired I am, what I’m writing – I wonder what a graphologist wd make of that??

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