Journaling to Clarity, Creativity, and Well-Being

Journaling to Clarity, Creativity, and Well-Being

I started to write in a journal regularly in July of 2017 after I left my corporate job and headed out for a year of travel. I had a bunch of emotional unpacking to do and nothing I tried seemed to be working until I started writing every morning. Once the trip once was finished, I let the habit go for a few months. Then I felt the old ghosts creeping back into my mind at night. I picked up the habit once again and will not doubt the power of writing ever again. Enjoy the Daily Find, love from CW!

If you are a human person, doesn’t matter whether you write professionally or not, you should be journaling. (That’s a big thing to say, isn’t it!) It’s like this: some things in life are subjective, and some things in life are backed by research and fact. Journaling lands in the later camp. Writing regularly in a journal, even for short periods of time, leads to a whole host of positive outcomes, […]

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