The Beauty Of Art As Self-Care

The Beauty Of Art As Self-Care

I love to learn about how younger people than me are experiencing the culture of today. I only wish these voices were being broadcasted sooner. But, what cuts across is the need to practice honest and personally resonate self-care. Enjoy this Daily Find, love from CW!

We live in a time where having a ‘side hustle’ is glorified and where keeping up with the ‘grind’ is a necessity to keep up with the ridiculous costs that come with living in this tight economy. The metropolitan life we are accustomed to is a busy highway, filled with intersections of different stressors that affect our well-being; mentally, physically and emotionally. Almost as a way to nourish ourselves and to have a well-deserved breather from this hectic lifestyle, threads upon threads of ‘self-care routines’ have been introduced and circulated throughout the internet. […]

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