A New Theory Linking Sleep and Creativity

A New Theory Linking Sleep and Creativity

I have long thought that my sleeping thoughts informed my waking ideas. I guess the lesson of this story is to keep my morning pages by my bedside and write immediately upon getting up, before those fuzzy thoughts of my dreams disappear. Enjoy this Daily Find, love from CW!

In 1920, the night before Easter Sunday, Otto Loewi woke up, seemingly possessed of an important idea . He wrote it down on a piece of paper and promptly returned to sleep. When he reawakened, he found that his scribbles were illegible. But fortunately, the next night, the idea returned. It was the design of a simple experiment that eventually proved something Loewi had long hypothesized: Nerve cells communicate by exchanging chemicals, or neurotransmitters. The confirmation of that idea earned him a Nobel Prize in medicine in 1936. […]

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