Transcript of "How to succeed? Get more sleep"

Transcript of “How to succeed? Get more sleep”

A must watch TED talk with the founder of Thrive Global. I especially love the quote, “women are literally going to sleep their way to the top”. Enjoy this Daily Find, love from CW!

There is now a kind of sleep deprivation one-upmanship. Especially here in Washington, if you try to make a breakfast date, and you say, “How about eight o’clock?” they’re likely to tell you, “Eight o’clock is too late for me, but that’s OK, I can get a game of tennis in and do a few conference calls and meet you at eight.” And they think that means they are so incredibly busy and productive, but the truth is, they’re not, because we, at the moment, have had brilliant leaders in business, in finance, in politics, making terrible decisions. […]

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