Discover the Importance of Self-Empathy

Discover the Importance of Self-Empathy

Brene Brown tells us that self-compassion or empathy directed at ourselves is the antidote to perfectionism. But, how ‘to-do’ self-empathy? Read on and enjoy this DailyFind, love from CW!

The Empathy competency enables us to interpret unspoken emotions and to understand a range of perspectives. With empathic concern , our understanding of others extends to caring deeply for them. But it is also important that we practice Empathy towards ourselves. When we experience empathic concern or feel compassion toward others, we become the first to benefit. Empathizing with another person activates our brain’s salience network, enabling us to experience our compassion first-hand. In this way, compassion is beneficial for others as well as for our own well-being. It creates inner happiness independent of receiving compassion ourselves. We can […]

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