8 paradoxes of creative people.

8 paradoxes of creative people

For a person who likes to plan and be organized, the idea of a messy mind as a driver for creativity is intriguing. It sure explains a few things for me. Enjoy this DailyFind, love from CW!

I heard Penn researcher and Ungifted author Scott Barry Kaufman speak recently about redefining intelligence at Idea Festival, a local conference. Kaufman is a brilliant researcher who spent years in special ed because his kind of intelligence didn’t align with his teachers’ traditional view of what intelligence looked like. Traditional intelligence tests measure skills located in the brain’s executive control network: working memory, processing speed, vocabulary, reasoning skills. But creative people have messy minds, and these tests are often poor at recognizing their intelligence. They don’t assess the brain’s imagination network, which is distinct from but just as important […]

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