Can Playing With Lego Make You More Creative?

Can Playing With Lego Make You More Creative?

A simple and elegant solution to the ‘creativity crisis’, but will we adapt our old ways of working? Seems like adults need to get back to acting like very young children, once in awhile. Enjoy this DailyFind, love from CW!

If successful companies and societies of this next century are defined by their ability to innovate–a trope repeated constantly in business seminars, surveys, and speeches–then the U.S. may be headed for a rough time: On average, Americans’ ability to think creatively has declined. This trend has been called “ the creativity crisis ,” and was defined by a major study in 2011 . Researchers looked at a common measure of creativity in 300,000 kids and adults over time and found that, unlike IQ scores, creativity had been declining since 1990. The effect was most marked in elementary-school-age kids. Why […]

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