Prairie Women's Sewing Circle Club

Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle Club

Creating a “make-do” quilt might seem like an antiquated skill in modern times, but the feeling of being able to make something that fills a household need is quite special. Not to mention the valuable time spent together with other women sharing. Enjoy this DailyFind, love from CW!

The art of quilting is rich in history. There are women, in untold numbers, who blazed the trail before us, leaving us with quilts and remnants of both fabrics and stories of how they lived, and what quilts meant to them. While the techniques of quilting for today’s quilter can be very different from those of yesteryear, why we quilt and what quilting means to us is very much the same. We make quilts for basic warmth on the bed in which we sleep, for family and friends, to mark special occasions, perhaps to raise money for a cause […]

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