9 Ways Generous People See the World Differently

Being generous is so much more than giving away your money. It is a strange time when we need to relearn how to be give, but I have hope we are getting there. Enjoy this DailyFind, love from CW!

“Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.” ―Henry Longfellow

Generosity makes our world a better place. It improves the life of the receiver. And it improves the life of the giver. Yet, despite the benefits, generosity is still too rare in our world today. Instead, our society craves and pursues more at every turn. We seek enjoyment by directing most of our resources towards our own pursuits: security, possessions, experiences, enjoyment, and luxury. Meanwhile, significant opportunities for generosity surround us every day at every turn. […]

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