What to do, in times like these?

“With gentleness, overcome anger. With generosity, overcome meanness. With truth. overcome delusion.”   —The Buddha, Verse 223, The Dhammapada

I’ve spent the first 50 years of my life putting things in order. Getting through high school and post secondary education myself and helping my children do the same. Landing jobs and building my corporate career. Creating a life and home with my partner. Head down, focused and disciplined. Methodically marching ahead, working to achieve my goals.

Now I find myself looking up from that path and noticing much more of the world around me. I’m not in struggle anymore. I have plenty. I don’t mean I am over flowing with cash, but I don’t worry about making ends meet from paycheque to paycheque anymore. That is not to say I have had consistent full time employment over the last 5 years either. But, I do have faith that I will sail through the ups and downs of life. This will not be accomplished by me alone. I have the support of a huge team of people.

These people in my life are the key. They help me become a better person. In so doing, I feel the desire to play a bigger part in helping others. It is a continuous circle of giving and receiving, a kind of perpetual motion. It seems like a simple concept which is achievable for everyone and yet, I fear that modern life has somehow turned this idea into something passé. Until Covid-19 came to town.

As the world practices a new kind of living, in the form of social distancing, we are being asked to behave in such a strange way. It is entirely not in our nature to be separate from others in everything we do. We keep getting told that there will be a new normal at some point. A time when we can venture outside of our homes and re-engage with the world in-real-life. Sadly, that time is not here yet.

So it goes that we continue to find creative ways to be together through the miracle of the internet. We are adapting to ‘times like these’ in a remarkably adaptive fashion. Our gratitude muscles remain strong. We are giving and receiving of each others kindnesses and creating connections which will mark our relationships forever more.

It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again

Take a few minutes to watch the video ‘Times Like These‘ and receive the message like a warm and comfy blanket for your soul. What a gift!

More delicious Kindness resources remind us of what we have forgotten, as well as proving new opportunities for connection and ways to help others.

Imagine a world where we would Practice Generosity for a Loving and Compassionate Heart?

In 9 Ways Generous People See the World Differently I am struck most by the first example. For me, having a deep realization that life is not a game with one winner and a bunch of losers has been life changing.

Don’t feel guilty if altruism doesn’t seem to come naturally. Five Limits Your Brain Puts on Generosity outlines the blind spots we all have as humans. Our call to action may become clear when we realize what might be holding us back.

Scott Harrison started Charity Water after he declared spiritual, moral, and emotional bankruptcy. Good news is, we don’t have fall to that depth in order to reach up and do good in the world. We have the power, every day in every way, to do better.

“We are living in a time of trouble and bewilderment, in a time when none of us can foresee or foretell the future. But surely it is in times like these, when so much that we cherish is threatened or in jeopardy, that we are impelled all the more to strengthen our inner resources, to turn to the things that have no news value because they will be the same to-morrow that they were to-day and yesterday — the things that last, the things that the wisest, the most farseeing of our race and kind have been inspired to utter in forms that can inspire ourselves in turn.”   —Laurence Binyon

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