“How Yoga Helped Me Write a Novel—& Land My First Book Deal”

It seems there are a few cornerstone habits that can fuel creativity, no matter how much we have taken on in daily life. Yoga appears to have the power to centre and focus the mind, like few other practices can. Enjoy this DailyFind, love from CW!

As I thumb through the pages of my novel, at this stage a thick, bound manuscript, I keep my eyes peeled for any final errors and wonder how and when I ever wrote these 341 pages. It all seems to have unfolded the same way as an especially magical yoga class—the kind of class that ends with you lying in Savasana , suspended in a cloud of bliss bombs, vaguely aware that the past hour occurred. That’s how writing my book felt—very natural, almost like a biological process where my mind surrendered to instinct. […]

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