Making Natural Dyes with Fruits and Vegetables

Making Natural Dyes with Fruits and Vegetables

Save those avocado pits ands rind, as well as onion skins – it is time to use them for dying fabric. This is a great summer project and relatively easy to try with supplies and equipment already in the kitchen. Enjoy this DailyFind, love from CW!

Imagine opening your closet and finding your entire wardrobe devoid of any color. No more vibrant socks or bright, white shirts. We often take for granted the pigments that allow us to have that lucky red sweater or go-to jacket. It’s hard to imagine how our ancestors got by without synthetic dyes, but you might be surprised to learn how colorful the ancient world was. As far back as 2600 BCE, dyes were made with water, oil, and natural pigments derived from local resources, including exotic plants, insects, and sea life. Some fabric dyes, such as purple made from […]

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