She is WILD Sometimes

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”   —Arthur Ashe

I’m usually up first, particularly when the days are shorter. Sometimes the coffee machine is ready to go and the button only needs to be pushed. But, double check the carafe! You never know if the last pot from the day before was fully consumed.

The house is so quiet in the morning, along with the neighbourhood. Especially on a Sunday. From where I am sitting, there is only a faint hum of the refrigerator. Later, I’ll move out to my studio where my plants need some artificial light. I can’t remember if that fluorescent bar emits a wisp of sound. For now, there is a tap of my fingers on the keys, as the letters are forming on the screen. The rhythm of the beat, first thing in the morning. I’m working on my passion project.

Daily Creatives is an expression of my quest to ‘Create a Lifestyle You Don’t Need a Vacation From‘. This philosophy has crystallized in my mind over the years I have been blogging. The idea did not self generate in a personal brain storming session. But, when the words came together, the phrase felt like a lightening bolt idea. I think that only means that this combination of words resonates deeply for me. Over years of experience there is a sense of certainty that my purpose is to live in such a way that the wonderful feeling of being on a holiday is constant. That is my touch stone.

Is it too Pollyanna? Maybe. Yet, in a world of negative news cycles, I think one has to over index towards joy and happiness just to stay normal. For me, the fastest route towards positive feelings is creativity. That could be anything and everything. There are no rules or prescriptions and every person defines creativity differently. (That is a fact, because I have surveyed hundreds of people and there are no two creative practices exactly the same).

I just poured my coffee into a favourite mug from a local artist on the West Coast. I enjoy a little coconut milk creamer these days. After a few first sips, which are the best ones, the words are flowing freely. If I can stay in the zone and remain focused on the writing, it feels like magic. I like those sessions. Some days, my mind wanders to what I want to do next, or the house is stirring and there are morning chats waiting to be had. On those days, the post might even be delayed. I’m my own editor and publisher and I give myself permission to create as it suits me. My timeline is pretty consistent, except when it is not.

On the days when I am curating creative content, my curiosity is the tour guide. She is WILD sometimes. Getting lost all over the internet. I’ll realize we have taken so many detours that the plot is completely lost. Only my browser history has the record of where we started out. I don’t view that as a failed effort. Quite the opposite. I feel lucky that my imagination has the neuroplasticity to allow all that creativity to flourish. Not everyone’s brain is wired that way. Some people are so task focused that wandering around to see what you can see is considered a complete waste of time.

Because my research into what creativity means to people was so inconclusive I made up a new word. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a word as a mantra which could redirect your thoughts towards something positive, productive and calming all at the same time? A word which describes a way of living that is the opposite of the stress filled existence many of us find ourselves in. A quick way to break the habits which do not serve us and dive into a practice that drives happiness, joy and fun seems like a good idea to me.

The word is — CreaSpaTreat

Let’s break it down:

  • Crea = Creativity
  • Spa = Health & Wellness
  • Treat = Self-Care

By creating a new word and giving it meaning as shown above, there is a little more clarity for Daily Creatives content. Where the beginning years seemed to touch a wide variety of topics, (because almost anything humans do has an element of creativity), lately there has been more focus. At least there are topics now, instead of only whimsy.

There you have a brief glimpse into some elements that drive this lifestyle blog – Daily Creatives. As the genre of blogging has evolved, I’ve been inspired by many content creators. With the rise of video and platforms like YouTube, blogging has turned into vlogging. That medium takes carefully chosen words and beautifully shot photographs to the next level. The dedication to capturing life on video with high resolution and good sound is a peak creative endeavour.

5 women who have created fascinating lifestyle blogs/vlogs:

Like my blog – Daily Creatives, I tend towards following lifestyle blogs that are covering everyday topics. I’m not interested in home decor or beauty and fashion, which is unfortunate because those content themes are pervasive. However, as with everything on the internet, the barriers to entry are few. It has taken some detailed searches over the years to find like-minded content creators. The quest has been fruitful. It is a beautiful world where these kind of women enjoy a platform to share their thoughts.

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