My wake-up call inspired me to take better care of myself

Kris Carr was one of the first plant-based bloggers I came across online. Her story is fascinating and provided me with loads of inspiration for cleaning up my diet. Enjoy this DailyFind, love from CW! 

It taught me how to listen to my brilliant inner guide. It brought me back to nature (my church) and the garden and my kitchen (my pharmacies) as well as connecting me more deeply with the people and animals (compassion rocks) who set my heart ablaze. I learned that a nutrient-dense, plant-passionate diet rules; the standard American diet destroys everything; stress sucks your life force; exercise is nonnegotiable (it’s great for your head, heart, cells and ass-ets); joy is utterly contagious (ahchoo!); and having fun must be taken very seriously. […]

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