Yes, Adults Need Playtime

Yes, Adults Need Playtime

According to Brian Sutton-Smith, ‘play involves the willful belief in acting out one’s own capacity for the future.’ Not to spoil it for you but, the opposite of play is NOT work – it is depression. Enjoy this DailyFInd, love from CW!

Hands skimming across the monkey bars. The pleasing rhythm of the swings. An impromptu game of tag. The sound of giggling bouncing off nearby trees. These are just some of the classic scenes from . . . a bunch of adults taking a break from work? Ok, you were probably envisioning smaller humans at recess or a park. But perhaps grown-ups should make our version of recess or playtime a little more common. As we age, we tend to leave jungle gyms, colored pencils and bumper cars behind for just plain ol’ gyms, pencils and cars. Research suggests that […]

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