Creativity Is The Most Important Goal

…allow students to learn in explorative, creative ways, and focus on promoting the habits of self-learning and independent thinking, and make creative thinking the most important goal.  –Hao Jingfang, ‘Education must foster creativity – and fight inequality, 26 Jun 2017′

If we have learned anything of late, it is that we are resilient, creative and solution oriented by nature. The caveat being, some of us have the opportunity to contribute to society in various ways – thanks in part to our education. Sadly, many others are going to be left behind as we look to the post-pandemic future.

The divide in society has suddenly widened into a chasm as people who held knowledge jobs transferred their place of work and maintained or accelerated their performance. Everyone else suffered, in one way or another. Being able to physically social distance and maintain social networks through virtual channels has not been easy or possible for most people.

The key point though, is the word ‘easy’. Massive societal shifts have never been easy and have typically taken decades or more to complete. In perspective then, the changes we have witnessed in the world have happened at lightening speed and people have coped relatively well, all considered. The most curious outcome is the toppling of gate keepers who claimed that these kind of changes would never work. In fact, they have.

The societal benefit is that a piece of the patriarchy has fallen away. The ideas we once held as truth have been exposed for what they were. I for one am happy to see the end of ‘butts in seats’ as the normal business practice. The thought that if ‘I can’t see you working, then you must not be working’. The era of command and control is over. No one will tolerate the return of that, thankfully.

The other big change, and arguably the more important one is what we are seeing at post secondary institutions. The idea that the only way we can teach is to hire the best professers and put them into auditoriums across the world where only a handful of students get the opportunity to attend, are beyond outdated. Kahn Academy has set the stage for what is possible to distribute learning broadly. The rest of the world gave it a go in the Spring. Now let’s see what is possible as the creative schools rethink the future.

All of this is to say, creativity, creativity, creativity. Everyone needs to stop living by wrote and think through the most important and impactful activities, at home, at work, at life. Use this time as a catalyst for transformative change. This kind of opportunity rarely comes along in a millenia let alone a lifetime. We are able to change the course of history, if not for society at large, certainly for our own benefit at home.

Underpinning all the shifts, made possible by creative thinking and problem solving, we must continue to ‘be in this together’. That can’t be a slogan for the pandemic only. Especially children, the world over, deserve better. They should inherit a planet which provides clean air, water, food and viable shelter. Along with all the vaccines they need to thrive, they have a final right – to be educated. This is our global responsibility.

The devastation of the pandemic has shown us that we can’t isolate effectively enough. That means that if there is a vaccine to prevent this virus in the future, the only way we are going to move forward is together. At least 70% of the planet needs to take the vaccine in order to get back on the path to behaving in more social ways again. If we can make this effort, why stop there?

I am hopeful that we are in the process of making positive history. The vaccine can be a symbol of caring for family, friends and strangers. We are capable of lifting each other up and it is far easier to do than push each other down. If we hold ‘creativity as the most important goal’, we will get there.

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