LEGO® Daily Builds & Creative Inspiration Words for 2023

It is such a comfort to open a new diary and turn to the blank page of a fresh start. Running my hand over the smooth surface before any plans or expectations are laid down. The prospect of what could be is a wide open space yet to be filled in. The potential for the coming days, weeks and months is like a juicy novel waiting to be read.

This year will be different than last year, if for no other reason than we are not kicking things off by wearing masks everywhere. Although that probably depends on where you live in the world. At the moment I am calling the UK home and very grateful to be going out in the world again, without as much fear as the past 2 new years day celebrations. Even so, it helps to create a little bit of grounding for what the days ahead might bring.

Two words have bubbled up to be top of mind for this year. Quest + Nourish. They might be directly related, but they don’t have to be. They can be independent of each other. They might also need each other to make sense. Not that words can actually perform that function, they are just words after all. But these words are providing a special frame for time and place.

My quest is not a new journey, rather a revised perspective for where I am going. I’ve always been on a journey of sorts, I’ve just never used the word quest to describe it so succinctly. I tend to look back and recall the road travelled in order to describe what has occurred. Sure, I make plans but it’s more of a ‘strong opinions loosely held’ kind of thing. I’m in the moment like a to-do list, effective and efficient ticking the boxes as I go. My intention has been to get it all done as top priority not to enjoy the ride as I go.

Quest, journey, to-do list course of life, all semantics really. The reason I’ve never been very attracted to setting a word for a new year is because it often seem too lofty for me. Even a little esoteric. I struggle to define a meaningful path for myself, let alone try to communicate it to others. So why is this different?

It might have something to do with the idea of Nourish, which popped into my head right after Quest settled in and made herself comfortable. I’ve always been on a quest to be nourished. Food of course, nourishment in the literal sense. A beat after that thought is a curiosity about how to best feel nourished. Trying to pin this down is tricky, as it changes on the wind. What satisfies one day might not work the next. Feelings to describe nourishment are fleeting shape shifters, like the northern lights.

This year I’ve decided to kick off with 2 words, Quest + Nourish as a guide and see where they take me. I’m not bothered with how long this will take or where I will end up. This yearly word inspiration trip might take longer than 365 days. That’s OK too. After all, I’ve had a 444 day break from writing here at Daily Creatives. There are many reasons why I’ve been on hiatus, suffice to say I’m back to putting down ideas and seeing where it takes me.

To provide some daily inspiration, I’ve enlisted some help. Some may know of my love for the bricks, but this will keep me going for the whole year, no excuses to skip a day! (Special thank-you to my husband for giving me this wonderfully appropriate gift!)

The 2023 Daily Calendar: LEGO® Daily Builds provides a welcome dose of building inspiration for every day of the year. Each tear-off page offers a useful prompt for LEGO fans of all skill levels to build fun models with their collection of classic bricks and minifigures. What is the biggest or smallest model you can create? Can you build a cool fish or a sleek, fast vehicle? For every day of 2023, your LEGO bricks will be there to challenge and inspire you!

Creativity heaven! Day 1 was a good warm-up. I probably took too long to build this one. I’ll have to get faster or this won’t be sustainable. I was trying to capture the ghost of Christmas present from the RSC production of A Christmas Carol we saw yesterday, along with my words for the year. The costume is a clothing ensemble that I must have. More on how I can possibly create this later.

For now, I’m pleased with how the build came out. I’m hopeful for how my words of Quest + Nourish will guide me. Dreaming about building a studio where I could create whatever comes to mind, is for another day! My husband giving me a yearly subscription to ‘In Her Studio‘ will greatly help with generating design ideas.

Stay-tuned for more builds from the 2023 calendar and in the meantime, here are a couple of articles about this calendar and how to inspire daily creativity.


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