My Future Self is Sun Kissed With Toes in the Sand

The building challenge for today was to bring 2 minifigures from different sets together. In my little collection here in the UK, I have very few different sets to bring together and therefore not many minifigures to choose from. The main source I have is the ‘Everyone is Awesome‘ set and bringing any one of them together with santa clause seems too political for me right now. However I can imagine any number of minifigures I have back home in Canada to inspire this creative thought exercise.

What came to mind immediately when I saw the prompt for today was a time, years ago where minifigures were strategically placed all over the kitchen surfaces of my parents cabin. My son had been gifted a Star Wars LEGO® set and the minifigures, (which is what it was all about for him), were having a dramatic situation going on. Near the coffee machine were a small cluster with guns at the ready. In the distance, near the sink another contingent were gathered. If you asked him, an entire plot line would be told as evident as the blue sky.

This ability to imbue life into these little pieces of plastic with such ease was a sign of youthful talent that I never wanted my son to lose. I hoped there would never be a day when he got too old for this kind of activity. What a gift, to be able to spin a yarn, over and over again, each thought building upon the next. The story would take shape and shift on the wind, depending on what stimulus my son was taking on at that time. This demonstration of imagination was something I do not remember having as a child. Or maybe I didn’t allow it in myself. Which is maybe why I love it so much now!

As I get ready for a return to work, I wonder what words of wisdom my older version of myself would have for me. That will be the 2 figures I bring together. To set the stage, I feel a little anxious and sad. This holiday I’ve done a great job of letting go of my day job thoughts and being present for family and friends. Sounds simple, but has proven difficult for me during past family holidays. I’ve taken it easy and not planned too many things for us to do. We have kept the social engagements to a minimum. The chores have been almost nonexistent, just maintaining the absolute minimum. Cooking has been manageable, not too ambitious. Spending has been kept in check, no over the top expensive presents.

I think my future self, who has transitioned into retirement, would be calm, cool and collected. Instead of living in the cloudy, rainy Northern climate during the Christmas holiday, she will be somewhere warm for a period of at least 2-months. She will be a little sun kissed and there will be sand between her toes. No, she has not won the lottery. Even if she is in a colder reach, she will be radiating the energy of a person who is not carrying the weight I seem to be lugging around at present. Why will that be true? Well, that is not the question at hand, is it. In bringing my future self together with my present self, the exchange of advice is what we are concerned with.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

Basically, my present self can choose to accept the wisdom of my future self. The Serenity Prayer is a perfect grounding. I cannot change the injustices of today, especially the war in the Ukraine. I cannot change how other people feel and act, even if those emotions are dropped at my feet. I cannot change the political climate, the economy, who is rich and who is poor, none of that is within my influence. I can feel my own emotions and I am 100% in control of that. I can treat people fairly and not put my judgements on them. I can remain calm, cool and collected under stressful circumstances as my living conditions, be it warm or cold, have nothing to do with my reactions. I can choose to be kind, even if someone does not deserve it. That doesn’t cost me a thing.

Sigh, feeling better already! Being crystal clear about what I can think in my own mind, where nobody can intrude, seems obvious and yet I need reminding. No one can make me feel a certain way. Stress is of my own making and therefore is for me to dissolve. I don’t have to take on anything against my will. Most of what gets broadcast around me on any given day is not of my choice and I don’t agree with much of it. That’s OK! Just like the minifigures from different sets who were not intended to be together, I can simply smile at the incongruence of the situation and move on! I suppose that is the meaning of having the ‘wisdom to know the difference‘.

I’m not the only one who has contemplated this future-self to present-self situation, Letter From My Future Self and A Letter From My Future Self, (different authors). You can see what the benefit might be if you give it a try!

“There are times in our lives when we have to realize our past is precisely what it is, and we cannot change it. But we can change the story we tell ourselves about it, and by doing that, we can change the future.”
― Eleanor Brown, The Weird Sisters

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