Crack on With Creative Balance

No matter who you are or where you live, the beginning of a calendar year heralds in a sense of newness and perhaps some fresh starts. Not everyone goes in for resolutions or starts up in the gym with renewed vigour. However we are all forced to acknowledge the change of number in the year, with varying degrees of excitement and optimism. Some may see the early days of January as a small transaction and others put a lot of weight on the importance of this month above all others. No matter the philosophy or attitude, the turning of a new year is a nice moment in time to reset.

The path into these first days can be taken as a business as usual kind of affair, of course. No need to change what is already working. Or the way forward can be determined with an attitude of cracking-on-with-it. This is a British term I heard yesterday and find it made me smile. The definition is what you would think, ‘to start or continue doing something, especially more quickly or with more energy after a pause‘. Totally makes sense and used appropriately there is no need for concern.

What needs to be considered as we come back from a well deserved break, (as the bosses everywhere will tell us), is to not over do it! Part of the reason we felt so exhausted going into the break was due to the frenetic pace of life which dogs us towards year end. It is bad enough in society at large, but we make it worse for ourselves with unrealistic expectations for holiday celebrations involving late nights, indulgence, over scheduled diaries, etc. To go back to work with the intention of more speed or amped up energy after the holidays, we might be setting ourselves up for a wobble. (Another English term, ‘to (cause something to) shake or move from side to side in a way that shows poor balance‘).

I like to go for balance in everything I do. Maybe that was what attracted me to gymnastics at such a young age. That discipline involves beauty of form, athletic excellence with controlled speed and balance. Today, I would also add creativity to the list. Nothing we do in a day is accomplished without varying degrees of creative thinking. Somehow the creativity is key, otherwise all tasks in life become too boring to continue.

The building prompt for today was to take all the elements from the previous day and balance them on one stud. This is an engineering exercise if you want to manage a successful outcome. But, if you think about how this applies to life, each element can represent a facet of your responsibilities. You can see how it is possible to have ‘work’ be larger than ‘home’ in terms of time commitment for example. But only to a point. If you can’t secure the bricks to balance in the physical world, then how do you think your own lived experience works properly? This is a curious exercise, one worth exploring.

Once all the elements are secured and balanced in a good way, we have managed to exercise our creativity. But taking this building metaphor into our daily life is what we need to do next. So yes, crack on into this wonderful new year, but remember the creative balance. Do the work to understand what this means to you as this is a unique solution for each person. And it may shift and change as the year goes on, as you would imagine.

Can you believe there is such a thing as Creative Balance therapy? Or what about The Creatrix Archetype? And meditate on this – 10 Female Archetypes and Leaders to Inspire You. Enjoy!

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