Christine at the Temples of Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia 2017

About Christine

My name is Christine and I am on a journey through the second act of my career!

Part one was focused on the apparel industry managing the creation of technical apparel. This kind of work took me to places all over the world where I learned a great deal and had amazing experiences. Stacked on top of a childhood surrounded by creative people who encouraged the idea of following your curiosity, I feel gratitude to everyone who helped me along the way.

Now it is time to look outwards. My goal is to create a movement and a community of like-minded women who are curious and open to explore creativity in a multitude of ways. My hope is that dailycreatives offers inspiration for all kinds of creative pursuits, including problem-solving, planning, organization and projects.

Through books, videos, e-courses and a destination CreaSpaTreat event I hope you will join me and bring creativity into your life every day!

A Heroine’s Journey

What is a Heroine’s Journey?

Think of this as a personal story. A way to describe life’s events using a common narrative, something familiar to classic tales which capture our imagination. Put yourself in the shoes of a favourite main character and let your imagination fly! To get you started, read through my example which focuses on my career journey, so far.

I didn’t aspire to be a stay-at-home caregiver like my Mother. She was in charge of everything that went on in my childhood home, both in terms of the responsibility to run that operation and in developing herself through creativity, volunteering and learning. I wanted to be like my Father, out in the corporate world making money, having influence on people who were outside our family circle and travelling for important meetings. (Shift from feminine to masculine.)

I left Canada at the age of twenty-four to work in the United States. Thousands of miles away from home, I worked as hard as I could to do the best job possible, in a variety of positions with different companies. I married and had two children. My husband worked from home and created a loving home for us, but somehow there was a stigma that he and I were doing it all wrong. (The road of trials.)

Now that the kids were a little older, my husband went back to corporate life. Our children were growing up capable, confident and well-adjusted, possibly due to the influence of their Father. Sometimes it felt like we had pulled off the ultimate, masculine versus feminine role reversal. Yet, I often wondered if the time spent away from home chasing my career goals was really worth the sacrifice of spending so much time away from my family and friends. (The illusion of success.)

Through my early forties, I started to question myself with increasing frequency. Was this really what I wanted the rest of my life to be like? As I neared what was probably the halfway point of a typical corporate career, I started to feel despondent. There was no one thing that was terrible, but as an accumulation, the sum total was not fulfilling anymore. I began to prepare to leave what had taken so long to build, and then I did it. Unfortunately, this new place of not working for money was not as wonderful as I thought it would be. (The descent.)

It took eighteen months and a trip around the world to set myself straight. Every day, my three pages of long-hand writing bore witness to my struggle. Sleeping was often the worst time, where I would conjure up all sorts of past injustices. My subconscious mind was roaming into all kinds of dark corners, in what felt like torment. Slowly, I left behind all the expectations which had piled up over the years. I reconnected to my creative knowledge and power. I left behind trying to conform to what other people expected of me. (Meeting with the goddess.)

Coming home from a year away and heading back into corporate work gave many of my supporter’s reason to pause. They worried for me. Would I fall straight back into my old ways? The difference this time was women. I ended up working almost exclusively with powerful women. All shapes and sizes, with different temperaments, coming from all sorts of backgrounds. (Reconciliation with the feminine.)

I struggled to honour new ways of being in the corporate world when every ounce of my being pushed me back into old ways. Instead of adapting, I resisted. I had to relearn how to interact with people in the corporate sphere in a way that felt right to me. I had experienced success with skills I had acquired along the way. There was no need to change everything. (Reincorporation of the masculine.)

By understanding that nothing about my story has qualities of good or bad, I have made peace with the turmoil that plagued me for a decade. Life is a dance. Sometimes you lead and on other days, you follow. There are no right or wrong choices. I am guided by a quest to help others create their story. (The union.)

I sincerely hope this website helps you experience creativity along your own journey. These resources have allowed me to navigate a better path forward.  I truly hope some of what I have learned will help you in your own heroine’s journey.

Christine’s childhood was full of experience and adventure. These are the pictures to prove it!