About Christine

About Christine

My name is Christine and I am on a journey to create a life I don’t need a vacation from!

This is an important quest to me because I had lost my way for many years. In the midst of building my career, raising children with my husband and travelling the world, I became so specialized in these activities that my sense of possibility and wonder waned. I was more concerned about getting things right than doing the right things.

I needed something to change. So I took a mini-retirement with my teenagers and my husband, around the world. There is nothing like travelling with only the things that you can carry that jolts you out of the everyday routine into our world of wonder.

Returning home I was able to dive back into my career and share what I had learned about the importance of creativity in everyday life.

I sincerely hope this website helps you experience creativity along your own journey. These resources have allowed me to navigate a better path forward.  I truly hope some of what I have learned will help you in your own heroine’s journey.