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  • Vacation is awesome, how to make it last?

    Vacation is awesome, how to make it last?

    Being on vacation is awesome. There is no other way to describe it. Whether the choice is enjoying nature in the mountains or by the sea, alone or with others, basic or luxury; nothing beats the feeling of getting away from the routine of daily life. Or maybe not. What if a vacation type of…

  • 12 months essential reading

    12 months essential reading

    I’ve never done one of these reading lists before. In fact, I have become kind of lazy with my consumption of novels. My expectations are extremely high in terms of the entertainment value which my selections must live up to. I don’t want to read anything sad or negative. It can’t be too heavy or…

  • 2018 the year of change

    2018 the year of change

    My 2017 review, (Giving up almost everything I know for sure, to travel the world), was quite unusual. By December we were well into our travels, experiencing all kinds of interesting and exciting moments from the road. My regular process of reflection and goal setting did not feel necessary. Trying to stay within budget was…

  • Best bits of Christmas

    Best bits of Christmas

    Some of our best moments and memories!

  • Questions from the dinner table

    Questions from the dinner table

    I never liked the question, “what did you learn today?” Something in my teenaged brain ruffled by the conversation starter most adults like to use. This type of query runs along the same line as, “how are you today?” I feel like the only good response would be to throw it back and ask what…

  • Bandits at the door

    Bandits at the door

    It is a strange trick of the light that we feel so tired and sluggish in the winter. Out the door in the dark and probably coming home in the same lack of daylight. In this part of the world, the brightest spot in my day is the light I have shining above my indoor…

  • First World Problems

    First World Problems

    My youngest nephew was a child when this phrase first became popular. He was quick to realize that much of what we complained about in our daily lives fit into this category. He also used to say, ‘I eat low on the food chain’, to explain why he wouldn’t consume most animal proteins. He was,…

  • Time is a precious resource, with a finite supply

    Time is a precious resource, with a finite supply

    It is the curse of aging when we finally realize time is in short supply and needs to be lived according to our fullest potential. If we are lucky, we realize how precious the resource of time is and how quickly the supply dwindles down to nothing. As a youngster time seemed to stretch out…

  • 17 years on

    17 years on

    I will always remember this day because I was nursing my infant son when it happened. I was not watching TV at that moment, I think my husband came into the living room and turned it on. The emergency news had taken over every channel, it didn’t matter which one we picked. Click after click…

  • Who doesn’t love school supplies!

    Who doesn’t love school supplies!

    Yeah, that is not a question, really. Now that I am finally at an age where I don’t care if people think I am dorky, I will openly admit to loving school supplies. I don’t care so much for gym strip or even the new clothes, it was always about the stationary. Pens, pencils, scribblers,…